Puppy Guarantee

Limited Registration

                     Congratulations on your purchase of a quality Labrador Retriever from Graycroft Kennels!  Your dog will bring you many years of joy and companionship. You have purchased this puppy on an AKC Limited Registration.  Under Limited Registration no progeny shall be able to be registered, though said dog is eligible to compete in AKC events, with the exception of conformation shows.  If this puppy is spayed or neutered before 12 months of age (females) or 18 months of age (males) this health guarantee is null and void. 

          Also, for your guarantee to be effective your dog must be registered with AKC and the microchip registered with AKC CAR, both should be used so that the identity of your dog is irrefutable and recovery of your dog, if lost, is much easier.  Registering your puppy and the microchip with AKC are an important part of responsible ownership.

          Copies of all of the health clearances from each parent, who are clear, have been included in the puppy information package for your puppy.  Your puppy’s vet visit and health examine attached. All puppies from this litter have had their first shot, have been wormed at 3 and 6 weeks and have a microchip prior to being released to you.  This puppy is guaranteed to be of pet quality and existing health issues, if any, have been disclosed.  In order to have the health guarantee be valid the Buyer(s) agree(s) to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian within 5 working days of transfer.  If at that time the puppy is diagnosed with a serious pre-existing medical problem, the puppy may be returned for a full refund.  If the Buyer(s) wish (es) to retain possession of the sick puppy, the Breeder agrees to pay any and all reasonable veterinary expenses up to 25% the purchase price of the puppy within 30 days of documentation, but prior to any treatment for illness.  The   Buyer(s) must provide the Breeder with a letter from the attending veterinarian specifying the nature of the problem, and copies of the medical record and expenses.  If requested by the Breeder, the Buyer(s) must provide the Breeder with an evaluation from a second veterinarian of the Breeder’s choice at the Breeder’s expense prior to any payment. 

          In order for the rest of the health guarantee to be in effect the Buyers agree to make sure that all vaccinations, flea and tick prevention and routine veterinary care are provided for the dog along with the rest of the items in this paragraph.  The new owners need to understand that until a Labrador has completed its growing only moderate exercise is recommended.  Over exercising is not recommended and can hurt your dog.  Moderate exercise for your puppy which strengthens the gluteal muscles, such as short walks, play and swimming, are a good idea.  Whereas, activities that apply a lot of force to the hip or leg joints are bad.  An example of a bad activity would be jumping activities such as playing Frisbee or jumping to catch a ball.  Additionally, nutrition plays a big part in overall health.  We recommend that you do not free feed, and that you feed a high quality food.  Overweight dogs are at a much higher risk for problems. Remember your dog will experience rapid growth between the ages of three to ten months and excess weight at this time causes health problems. 

          In doing this breeding, Graycroft Kennels has taken reasonable precautions to prevent the puppy from acquiring hereditary disorders.  If the purchased puppy develops a serious inherited disorder that will prevent the puppy/dog from living a fulfilling pet life, within  the first  24  months  of age, the  Breeder will  provide the

Buyer(s) with a partial refund (50 % of the purchase price) within 30 days of required documentation, or a new puppy of similar quality from the next litter, as deemed appropriate by the Breeder.  Examples of serious inherited disorders include documentable   severe to non-functional hip dysplasia, OFA grade II to III elbow dysplasia, inherited epilepsy, clinical significant juvenile cataracts and moderate to severe TVD.  The Buyer(s) must provide the Breeder with copies of the medical records and expenses, including OFA documentation, and a letter from the attending veterinarian(s).  If requested, the Buyer(s) must also provide an evaluation by a second veterinarian selected by the Breeder at the Buyer(s) expense. The Buyer(s) may retain possession of the dog or return the dog to the Breeder.

If for any reason during the life of this dog you are unable to care for your dog we would request that you contact us at graycroft@gmail.com or call 207-542-1448 to return the dog.

By my signature, as the purchaser, I acknowledge reading the Puppy Guarantee and understand the requirements from me to maintain this Puppy Guarantee.


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